Our Myopia Control Services

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In addition to a comprehensive eye exam, we will use our state of the art Oculus Myopia Master to help assess your child’s myopia. The Myopia Master can help us estimate your child’s future myopic risk. 

Child with Contact Lens

Special designed contact lenses to be worn only while sleeping which do two amazing things. 

The doctors at Los Angeles Myopia Control have been fitting these contacts on children for decades.

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Unique daily disposable soft lenses which have been designed specifically to slow myopia progression.   These are some of the newer contact lenses specifically designed for myopia control.


Specially formulated prescription eye drops have been shown to slow myopia.  This can be a good option for children who cannot use contact lenses!


We teach your children how to care for their contact lenses to ensure years of success.   With experienced training, almost all children can easily learn how to properly handle and care for all types of contact lenses.  Most adults are surprised how quickly children can become contact lens experts. 

Perscription Glasses

Multifocal eyeglass designs can also be used to slow myopia progression.