Child with Contact Lens
Child with Contact Lens

Nighttime Contact Lenses

Sometimes called Ortho-K or CRT, these specially designed contact lenses are worn like a "retainer" while sleeping, these contact lenses do two amazing things. 


First, these contact lenses gently and temporarily re-shape the cornea allowing your child to see during the daytime (without the contacts OR glasses!)  Yes, these contacts allow your children to attend school, see the board, play sports, etc. without needing any extra help from glasses or contacts during the day.

Second and perhaps most importantly, these lenses have been shown to slow myopia progression.  While very common in Asia, most people in the United States are unfamiliar with these contact lenses. 

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Myopia Control

What other factors influence the development of myopia in children?

As mentioned earlier it is important to make sure that children spend an ample amount of time outdoors playing or participating in sports.  The mechanism is not clear, but it is thought that time outdoors is one factor that helps to control the increase in myopia. Time indoors cannot be avoided as children have to do their homework and reading as a part of their education and school work.  What is important is that parents encourage their children to be outside as much as possible and to take frequent breaks from their near work.